Way to use your imagination

A newly released study finds that powerful human imagination to a degree frightening and exciting.

"'This is the first set of experiments to definitively establish that the sensory signal is generated by one's imagination is strong enough to alter one's perception of the real world from different sensory modalities,' said Professor Henrik Ehrsson, principle investigator behind the research."

Wow! Your imagination is so powerful that it can change what you see and hear in the physical world. I submit, then, that it easily has the power to change your mindset to a happy state. Here is one experience I had with the power of imagination, and honestly, I was amazed when it worked.

Some days I feel (additional) lazy, lounging on the bed. I could not get motivated to do something worthwhile. Do you know what I do then? There is no way you'll never guess ...

I imagine the tiger, as clearly as possible. I could see him running towards me at high speed, big eyes looking at me like I was her cat tuna steak. Then I imagine the rest of the scenario - if I do not wake up soon, he's going to attack me, but when I woke up, I would avoid him and saved my life! This entire system jumpstarted me - I was up and moving (and laugh at themselves) in a matter of seconds.

If you spend all your time thinking realistically, not only would life be a little dull, but you will lose the most fun and powerful tool your brain - imagination!

Important lesson: Remember childhood, before you are trained to be "responsible?" Exercising your imagination muscles will generate creative ideas, motivate you, and make you happier if you use it well. Happiness is a perspective, and using your imagination is the effective way to change your perspective to your liking. Or at least, can get you out of bed. (Patent pending alarm clock Tiger) ;-)


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